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Chaga - is a black growth on the birch trees, it is a disease of birch and so often Chaga appears on old birch trees. You cannot reach impressive results in gym if not use legal steroids. It is best to collect the spring and autumn. Cut away the fungus immediately dissect into pieces of 3-6 cm, dry attic or dried at a temperature no higher than 60 degrees, it is desirable to ventilate. Store in a tightly closed glass jar no more than 2 years.

All of the above paragraph 1 - is to help your intestines. Anabolic steroids and sports nutrition is a perfect choice for beginners in bodybuilding. If after taking flaxseed oil and your intestines will need help, of course, you will need to take these drugs. But I think that all this is no longer required. So long as the money do not waste. Only then, if necessary.

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By the way, alone I speak for about assets and so on. Yogurt. I very much doubt that they are really something valuable. If you find your workouts fruitless - buy legal steroids and try again! If there were once living organisms, by the time of purchase from them there were only corpses and waste of life - all of which can be killed with preservatives. But fermented milk - it is much better and cheaper than any yogurt. This can only be welcomed.

As for the hot and cold water in the morning. Athletes enjoy well designing anabolic steroids with real effect for their hard workouts. Here's the thing. Water is needed to run the intestine - it is clear to everyone. But usually, this procedure is required for those who have constipation or a tendency to constipation. Constipation are spastic (intestinal muscle spasms, and therefore can not promote food), and there are atonic (sluggish bowel muscles). So, if you have a spastic constipation, it is necessary to drink warm water - it will relax the bowel muscles and it will start to work, and we must put an enema of warm water, too. If you atonic constipation, you should drink cool water and do an enema of cold water - the water is turned on by peristalsis.

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While the oil is insisted, I would recommend you, if you have constipation, enemas to clean the intestines, if funds allow, the colon hydrotherapy. Do you know, where to buy anabolic steroids for good money? If no money, and enema do not want to sit down, try bran. It is certainly difficult, but much more useful. Buy at the mill, but they are in any city, these bran and brew every day in the morning for dinner and a night on the town.

I have a friend, he is in his early youth he worked in the boiler room with the coal. Let your body explore the boundaries of limits of their capabilities with anabolic steroids from our store. Now he is about 40 years. Recently, he sat down on the bran, and ate them in the morning and evening for two months. He was very surprised when at the end of the second month from his intestines began to leave the coal dust, which he picked up in his youth. All these years she lay there quietly in the deposits of feces, but the bran came from. But this need will power, it is necessary to force yourself to twice a day to remember to cook the porridge of bran (on the water, by the way), and force yourself to eat it. About willpower I wrote - who will be hard on their own to do it all - write to me, we will work together, individually.

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